Metal Buildings
Steelsmith uses only high-quality American made steel in every metal building we construct. Our product is backed with one of the strongest, non-prorated warranties in the industry.
Construction & Concrete
Steelsmith is a full service construction company that specializes in pre-engineered steel buildings. We provide quality metal building erection projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other countries.
Green Buildings
Steelsmith practices the common objective which is that green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health.
Architectural Services
Steelsmith’s team of professionals possesses the technical knowledge, an understanding of good business, and excellent project management skills to create a design concept that will fit your project from start to finish.
Metal Roof Replacement
Steelsmith is recognized for our excellence in field installation, making us your single source metal roof replacement contractor. No matter what the size, scale or shape of your future or current building project, we have the materials and installation techniques to suit your needs.

Architectural Services

Steelsmith offers a variety of Architectural Services to help you cover every aspect of your building project.

We can plan, design, and oversee the construction your project to make sure it goes as smooth as possible. Our team of professionals possesses the technical knowledge, an understanding of good business, and excellent project management skills to create a design concept that will fit your project from start to finish.

Foundation Drawings – Every steel building needs a foundation (and foundation drawings). A foundation  provides a level and uniformly distributed support for the building. Most importantly, it is designed to be strong enough to support and distribute the load of the steel building. Additionally a well-designed foundation sufficiently levels to prevent the walls from cracking and the doors and windows from sticking.

Mechanical Drawings – These drawings are more for parts and assembly, rather than the entire steel building. Mechanical drawings deal with the flow of objects from one to another, and displays how parts interact with each other. Mechanical drawings differ from architectural plans, which concentrate on the framework of the steel building.

Electrical Plans / Drawings – Electrical plans help in showing the steel building inspector that you’ve thought through your project. Spending an extra hour or two on these plans helps to spot potential problems in your steel building long before you begin getting into the electrical work, saving you time and expense in the long run.

Plumbing Plans / Drawings – This type of technical drawing shows the location and type of piping for plumbing incorporated in the steel building. Additionally, these plumbing drawings will display the location of pipes to connect the plumbing fixtures to water supply, drain / waste, and vent systems. Lastly, it can also show the exact location and type of plumbing fixtures in your steel building, as well as the route pipes to be run (overhead or through walls).

Elevation Drawings – These particular drawings show the front or side of the steel building. In contrast, a floor plan shows a space from an aerial point of view. Therefore in simple floor plans you can see above everything, but you cannot view the front, side or back.  Elevation drawings give you an advantage to view your steel building from all other possible viewpoints. This is the most common view used to describe the external appearance of a steel building.

Site Plans – This specific type of plan shows the whole context of a steel building or group of steel buildings. Property boundaries and means of access to the site, and nearby structures are shown on these plans (if relevant to the design). Most importantly, the site plans verify that your steel building proposal complies with your local development codes.

Egress Plans / Drawings – Egress plans (otherwise known as exit plans) are critical to any steel building project to ensure that all occupants are able to escape the facility during any emergency. Egress plans should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis, especially after a construction project. Posting your egress plans, fire evacuation maps and emergency exit signs are necessary to meet OSHA, fire and building code requirements.

Soil Testing and Lab Work – In steel building construction, soil materials play an important role in the success of your project. Understanding the soil properties of your site help you make knowledgeable construction decisions. Results of these tests provide valuable information to assist steel building design engineers in achieving the best engineering practices.

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